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APA Formatting

Building the Perfect Title Page

APA Style and Writing

Thesis Statements | Introductions | Transitions | Organization

Thesis Statements

At the most basic level, a thesis statement answers the question, “What do you plan to accomplish with this paper?” When a reader picks up your paper, beyond your title, they have very little idea what they should expect as they read.

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Transition Words and Phrases

When we write, we are constantly linking thoughts together like a chain. We are taking the reader from one thought or argument to the next as we lead them through our paper. Without transition sentences, our. . .

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Building an Effective Outline

An outline can be anything that organizes the main points of your writing. They can look like neatly organized templates, scribbles on a sheet of notebook paper, mind maps,

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Creativity and Productivity

Ideas that help you create!


An abstract is often required in scholarly APA formatted papers. The abstract is always set on the second page after the title page and functions as a summary of the entire paper. The best way to write an abstract. . .

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The Cone Shaped Writing Method

Surely there must be a better name, but I simply cannot think of one. I will concede that others who may have come up with a similar method, probably have a cooler name – but I am at a loss.

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Writer’s Block – Part 1

The goal if this post is to explode writer’s block so you can get back to being productive. Once you understand the cause of writer’s block, you can develop tools to get you un-stuck quickly. The act of writing something down. . .

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Rapid Research – Part 1

When it comes to rapid research, nothing beats having a well-organized plan of attack. The first challenge in writing a research paper or essay is knowing what to write about, and chances are likely that you’ve. . .

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