Scott Matkovich

Scott Matkovich

Author of APA Made Easy

I am the author of APA Made Easy, a guide to help college students and professionals set up their writing in APA format within 15 minutes. It has enjoyed being the #1 APA guide on’s Kindle Store with the recently released paperback in the top 3. My book, The Big Book of APA Citations and References¬†was¬†released in April 2014.

I have been writing and speaking nearly my entire professional life. Finding meaning and purpose in my life was always more important to me that studying “subjects” in school. In fact, school and I didn’t get along the first half of my life. I graduated near the bottom of my small high school class and had no plans on going to college. Yet, dragged kicking and screaming by my mom, I attended a small community college in northern Illinois, while earning a black belt in Kung-fu. I fully intended on opening my own martial arts studio not continuing on in college.

Then I found my passion in the field of philosophy. Luckily, I had the right people in my life to encourage me to pursue my dreams in the face of those who couldn’t stop asking “What are you going to do with a philosophy degree?” My canned response to that questions was always, “Actually, I am going to take over the world.” I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the Honors Program at Montana State University with a dual major in Philosophy and Religion, then a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola University.

After a few brief years in the corporate world, my desire to coach and teach led me to take a pastoral position at a large church in Salem, Oregon. There, I launched a large public speaking/seminar ministry called the Apollos Forum that drew audiences of 400 – 500 people regularly.

I almost became another college dropout statistic. Instead I earned Master’s degree and landed a job doing what I love against all odds. I want to help students like me find their way, get motivated, and bring out their best.

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