APA Checklist

Below is a checklist of an APA formatted paper.  After writing your paper, use this list to make sure you’ve included every necessary element of formatting.

1)  Title Page

  • Running head
  • Page number
  • Title of Paper
  • Date
  • Your Name

2)  Abstract (If Needed)

  • Between 200 – 250 words
  • All paragraphs are not indented
  • Short title of paper in top right header position in all caps
  • Page Number

3)  Body of Paper

  • Full title of paper centered at the top of the first page of the body (after the abstract).
  • All paragraphs are indented.
  • Short title in the top right header position in all caps.
  • The body of your paper should begin on page 3 if you are including an abstract, or on page 2 if you are not including an abstract.
  • The short title of your paper should be in the upper left hand header of the page.
  • Begin your paper with the title of your paper.  It should be centered on the page, boldfaced, though not underlined. Never use the word “Introduction” as a subtitle in an APA paper.  See more about Headings.
  • All punctuation that ends a sentence requires two spaces afterward to start a new sentence. (*Note – there is some debate over whether APA requires two spaces after a period or only one. The APA Manual is silent on the issue, though for a draft, it requires two spaces after a period.)
  • Every quote should include quotation marks and an in-text citation afterward in parenthesis.
  • All paraphrasing of previously published material needs an in-text citation with the authors last name and year of publication separated by a comma.
  • All in-text citations should be enclosed in parentheses.
  • All in-text citations should correlate to a reference on your reference page.
  • Use Grammarly.com to double check for errors.

The Reference Page:

  • Your reference page should be the last page of your document unless you are using a table or appendices.
  • Your reference page should be its own page, not shared with any part of the body of your paper.
  • The word “References” should be centered at the top of the page (do not bold, italicize, underline, or use quotations marks).
  • The first line of any reference should be left justified with no indentation.
  • If your references spill over onto additional lines, they should all be indented (press tab once).
  • Your references should be listed in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name.


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