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This book delivers. What a splendid, visual quickstart guide to APA formatting! Readers will benefit not only from the author’s candid and concise advice on APA, but also from his sometimes witty and entertaining style. Thanks for making this such a quick, straightforward, and fun read!

Todd Vasquez, Ph.D

Entrepreneur, Ready-Set-Do

What’s Inside?


Addressing the Critical Elements of APA Style

APA Made Easy was designed to supplement the APA Manual for Publication 6th edition.  Specifically written with the understanding that “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”, APA Made Easy is filled with illustrations and examples to help students get APA format right.  

4 Star Rating

At the time of writing the page, APA Made Easy has over 100 reviews on with a 4.1 star rating over a 3 year period.  APA Made Easy is tirelessly checked and revised by students and university faculty to be the best APA “how-to” on the market today.

Personal Guarantee

Since the release of my book 3 years ago, I have always offered to refund any purchase of APA Made Easy if it didn’t meet the needs of those who took a chance on the book.  I appreciate you taking a chance with this book, but if you are not satisfied, I can be contacted directly (my personal email is in the book) for a refund.

Copies Sold To Date


Overall Customer Satisfaction

When I wrote APA Made Easy, my goal was to provide a concise but complete picture of how to build an APA formatted paper quickly and easily.  Internet sources are free and easy to find but they often contradict one another.  The APA Manual is great but can be hard to use.  APA Made Easy was written to be easy to use, inexpensive, and trustworthy.

Scott Matkovich


Take A Peek Inside the Book

What You Can Expect

My book, APA Made Easy, is simply the fastest way for new students to get APA format right.  It takes the guess work out of writing papers and lets you focus on your writing.  To date, over 12,000 copies of APA Made Easy have been sold on Amazon, used as a required text in universities like William and Mary College and Oxford University.

While APA Made Easy was written with the intention of helping students who are new to APA formatting, the book also includes advice sections on writing science papers, building effective outlines to increase the flow of your paper, and how to reference websites, social media, blog posts, and much more.

Here’s more of what you can expect to find in APA Made Easy:

  • What is APA formatting?
  • How to organize an essay or research paper.
  • How to outline information you’ve already gathered.
  • How to write an essay or research paper from an outline.
  • Steps for writing an essay with greater clarity and precision.
  • Building citations within your paper and on your Reference page.

Also included in this guide:

  • Numerous APA examples and high resolution screen shots to help students correctly format documents within 15 minutes.
  • Access to website support at where you can download APA templates and writing guides.
  • Two “Quick Reference” pages that cover Referencing and Citations, and major APA rules that many students forget.
  • Tips for adding clarity to any writing style including:How to write your paper with greater “flow” of thought and a Quick Reference guide for writing coherence.
  • Specific examples that cover how to cite new media such as blog posts, emails, websites, online lectures, computer programs, and much more.
  • A new section on using and citing DOI’s (Digital Object Identifiers) for new media.
  • Clickable Table of Contents for ease of use.

What Customers are Saying

Reviews from around the Web:

This book was written perfectly. It guided me step by step in formatting my paper in clear easy to understand way. Very straightforward. Would definitely recommend it!

Excellent for college students who need a good resource to do their papers, but do not want to have to search high and low to put it all together. A must have for a student.

After buying other APA resources, this one was the most complete.  For someone like me who is not good with computers, this book made setting up a paper in APA really easy.

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