The APA Title Page

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What is a Title Page in APA Formatting?

The title page is always the first page in an APA formatted paper.  It should always include these elements:

  • A Running head in the upper left hand corner of the page with the short title of your paper in all caps.
  • A page number – which will always be “1” – in the upper right hand corner.
  • The full title of your paper, centered in the middle of your paper.
  • Your name, without any titles included (Mr., Dr., Ph.d, etc.) double spaced and centered under the title.
  • The name of the university you are writing the paper for: University of Sydney, for example.  The university name is double spaced and centered after your name.
  • A page break after you’ve entered all the information needed on your title page.  A page break ensures that nothing else “spills” onto the title page.


Okay, I have all that on my title page.  However, what if my professor requests that I add other elements on there?

Your professor always has the final say in what they require on the title page.  For example, some of my professors wanted me to put their names on the title page.  Because they are the ones who are grading your paper, it’s always a good idea to know their expectations for formatting.


After I enter my Running head and page number, how far down should I start writing my title?

I would recommend 10 lines or 5 double spaced lines from the top of the paper.


Do I have to enter a page break on the title page?  I don’t know how to do that.

Page breaks are one of those elements that no one will notice if you have it, but will probably notice if you don’t!  Page breaks are a function of your word processor that keep words from other pages off of the page that you’ve inserted a page break on.  In APA Made Easy, I recommend using page breaks on the title page and Abstract page.

Remember that your title page is the first impression to your paper.  If it appears sloppy and disorganized – or not formatted correctly, it immediately takes away from all the research and hard work that you have put into the paper.  If you are going to get one page of your paper formatted correctly, make sure it’s this one!

Instructions on creating a page break in Microsoft Word 2010, 2011 for Mac, 2013 and Apple’s Pages program.


Download a Title Page Template

See a Sample of an APA formatted Title Page

Still have questions, let me know!


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