POWER Success Strategies

It has been said that if we were to add up all of our choices in life, we would find ourselves exactly where we are right now. It’s critical that we understand how powerful our choices are. Our choices are the way that we exert our will in our lives and in our world.

Work Life Balance: 5 Things You Should Stop Doing Now

We live in a world that is constantly telling us what to do in order to succeed. Some of the advice is really good – but much of it is vague and just brings more noise into our already noisy life. In this post, I am going to explore 5 ways I’ve found to manage my online and work life in a healthy way.

APA Templates

APA Templates Select the format for the APA Templates you would like to download:   Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac Microsoft Word 2010 Apple's Pages '09 Apple's Pages 5 (Newest...

Spacing After a Period

Spacing After A Period Periods, Commas, and Semicolons I've received a lot of questions about the spacing after a period in APA format.  One of the reasons students have been confused is due to a typo in the original 6th edition of the APA Manual.  Originally, the...

Writer’s Block Help: Tips for Getting Un-Stuck

In my last post, I outlined a few reasons we get Writer’s Block. Whether it be outside distractions, fear, or lack of inspiration, there are few things more discouraging to a writer than not being able to write.

Writer’s Block – Part 1

The goal if this post is to explode writer’s block so you can get back to being productive. Once you understand the cause of writer’s block, you can develop tools to get you un-stuck quickly. The act of writing something down. . .

Building an Effective Outline

An outline can be anything that organizes the main points of your writing. They can look like neatly organized templates, scribbles on a sheet of notebook paper, mind maps,

Stuff I Use: Outline Software for Writers

Below is a growing list of outline and organization software (both paid and free versions) that I’ve tried. I will continue to revise this list as I test other software.

Transition Words and Phrases

When we write, we are constantly linking thoughts together like a chain. We are taking the reader from one thought or argument to the next as we lead them through our paper. Without transition sentences, our. . .

First Impressions: Your Introduction Paragraph

Given that your introduction is the first think people read, it’s hard to understate its importance to your writing. Shoot for 5-7 good sentences starting from broad to narrow, like an upside-down cone.

Thesis Statements

At the most basic level, a thesis statement answers the question, “What do you plan to accomplish with this paper?” When a reader picks up your paper, beyond your title, they have very little idea what they should expect as they read.


The Basics of Grammar: Commas Punctuation is an area of writing where no one notices when you get it right - but everyone notices when you get it wrong.  In this post, we will look at how to use commas correctly. When To Use Commas When I was in school, I was taught...

Common APA Formatting Errors (and how to avoid them)

With thousands of rules to keep track of, it's no wonder so many student struggle to get APA formatting correct.  But, I want to share a secret with you - many professors don't know most of the APA rules.  It stands to reason then, that you get the most obvious...

Rules for Capitalization and Using Capital Letters

Rules for Capitalization In our text message based world, informal grammar and spelling have become the norm.  While that’s okay for informal settings like text messages, chatting, and social media - when it comes to presenting yourself well in a college classroom,...

Getting APA Quotations Right

This is one of those extremely detailed formatting features of APA style that most students miss. There are strict rules depending on the kind of quotation or paraphrase that you are using. Let’s go through the most common forms here:

APA References – Reviews

APA References - Reviews   Review of a Book: General Template   Last name of reviewer, First Initial. Middle Initial. (year). Title of review [Review of the book Title of medium, by Author First Initial. Author Middle Initial. Author Last Name]. Title of work, Volume...

Proofreading: If You Hate Doing it, Read This!

99% of all errors in writing are simple to fix. But, that’s also the reason that simple errors on your paper give such a bad impression. As a professor, I see errors on papers that could have been easily caught by simply proofreading the paper.

iWork for iCloud – A Short Review of Pages Beta

Let me start this post with a few disclaimers. First, this is a post about the new iWork for iCloud from Apple. I know, this is not a tech blog, but I am a closet tech geek, so bear with me. Second, I never win anything, so you can imagine my surprise when I was...

Buying Textbooks – 7 Things You Should Know

Each semester thousands of students enroll at a university, choose their courses, and head over to the campus bookstore to get everything they need for their upcoming semester. What they don’t know is that they are often paying up to 200% of the price of their textbook.

Play Like A Champion Today

From a Quiet Locker Room to the Crowded Field I remember being nine years old watching the Orange bowl game between Notre Dame and their bitter rivals, Miami. I learned an important lesson that day - not from the game, but from the coach of Notre Dame, Lou Holtz....

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