I know…Prezume…sounds a little presumptuous – but I didn’t make it up! If you haven’t played around with the online brilliance that is called Prezi, you should! For those of you who often give presentations – especially Powerpoint presentations, or if you are in a class where Powerpoint is often used, Prezi is a good way to “wow” your audience. I recently gave a presentation called, “5 Mistakes Smart People Make” and used this Prezi presentation:

Don’t feel obligated to read through all of it, even it was awesome ;0)

There are lots of ways to use Prezi. I currently teach grammar and spelling to 5th graders and I use Prezi to teach spelling. I also have been experimenting using it as a resume – which is where Prezume comes in.

Employers are increasingly moving away from paper resumes to services like Linkedin, where they can gather your work history, experience, and see your endorsements from others in your network.  Because of the strength of the online persona, one author recently suggested that we do away with resumes altogether!

Show and Tell

Using Prezi to post your resume will “show” your potential employer who you are. ┬áMost people are content to simply “tell” employers who they are, but actions speak louder than words, and I believe having a Prezume is one action that will help employers see just how progressive, techsavy, and on the cutting edge you are.

Without further ado, here is a sample of my Prezume. (I left the references section blank so that my friends don’t get phone calls in the middle of the night :0)


Make your own Prezume!

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