In a recent post, I walked step-by-step through the process of creating APA headings in Microsoft Word 2010. In this post, I will do the same thing, except in Word 2013. If you are new to Word, it is important to follow these steps precisely. We all know that if you give Word a chance to mess something up, it will (not that I’m bitter or anything…Ok, maybe a little bitter).

APA Headings in Microsoft Word 2013

  • Begin by clicking Insert on the menu bar
  • selecting Header
  • select Blank

Before typing your heading, be sure to click “Different First Page” in the Design tab.

  • For your cover page, type: Running head: SHORT TITLE OF YOUR PAPER
  • If you have already set the font in your paper to Times New Roman (as required by the APA) Microsoft Word has probably changed it back to something else.  Any time you add a new heading, always double-check the font and size.
  • Next we insert our page number by using our mouse to place the cursor immediately after our short title.
  • Find the “Position” section and click Insert Alignment Tab
  • Select Right Alignment
  • Click OK.

For a walk through with screenshots check out my book, APA Made Easy.

  • Click the page number icon
  • Select Current position
  • Plain Number.

Voila! The header on your title page is done! Now onto the abstract page!

APA Headings on the Rest of Your Paper

You will remember that we set the first page as different. That’s because we don’t want the term “Running head” on any other page than the title page. After creating a page break on the title page, we need to repeat the same steps on the second page of our paper. With the cursor on the second page:

  • Click Insert on the menu bar
  • Click Header
  • Click Blank
  • Type the SHORT TITLE of your paper without the words “Running head”.
  • Remember to check the font and size
  • Click Insert
  • Click Header and Footer Tools Design Tab (it’s green).
  • Locate the Position section
  • Click Insert Alignment tab
  • Select Right.
  • Click OK


  • Click Insert
  • Find and click the Page Number icon
  • Select Current Position
  • Click Plain Number

The number “2” should appear on your second page. Close the Header and Footer Design tab and you are done!

In a hurry? Download a template with headings already formatted.

Create Headings in Microsoft Word 2010

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