Hanging Indents

Hanging indents are a type of formatting used in APA style references. In an APA reference, the first line of the reference is not indented. However, if a reference takes up more than one line, the following lines (lines 2, 3, 4, etc.) are all indented.  Watch the video below for specific instructions on how to create a hanging indent quickly:

Video Credit Here

Another¬†way to add hanging indents to your paper is by using the “Layout Break” feature in your word processor. Begin by typing out your entire reference.

If your reference spills onto a second like, place your cursor at the beginning of the second line. Go to the menu bar, and find Format. In Microsoft Word versions, click on the Layout section > Breaks > Continuous Break. In Pages click Insert > Layout Break.

After you have inserted a break, press the tab key once and voila! Only the second, third, fourth lines are indented. You have successfully created a hanging indent reference!


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