This is as close to a product review that I will ever get. Below is a list of things that I use to write.  Take it for what it is – my suggestions and a few notes to boot. If you have products you like, let me know, my experimenting knows no bounds!

Writing Software:

Scrivener by Literature and Latte (free trial available)

I originally purchased Scrivener off of Apple’s App Store for $49.99. Because of the price, I was hesitant. However, once I went through the tutorials, I realized it was worth every penny! Actually, I would have paid twice that amount. While Scrivener can be used as a regular reliable word processor, it is a robust professional writing tool with TONS of features including:

  • 20 different writing templates for both fiction and non-fiction writing.  My favorites are the “Persuasive Lecture” and General Non-Fiction Templates.  It also has templates for both APA and MLA papers!
  • Multiple ways to organize your writing by moving folders manually or by creating your own templates.
  • Customizable writing goals to help keep you writing.
  • Lots of exporting options including, automatic syncing, page statistics, and a bazillion other things.
  • 5 star rating on the iTunes App Store.
One point of caution: once you download Scrivener and open it – it will be intimidating. There is so much under the hood to this program, it’s easy to get lost. However, the tutorials are excellent, if you will give them time. If you stick with this program, you won’t regret it!

Pages by Apple

Pages is my “go-to” program for creating quick documents. While it is not nearly as robust for writing projects or reports as Scrivener, it is, in my opinion far superior to Microsoft Word. Why do I use Pages? It’s simple:

  • –Ease of Use: As with Keynote and Numbers, Apple keeps the Inspector as the command center for all your formatting needs.  Everything is in one place and extremely customizable. I wrote my first book, APA Made Easy on Pages because of its ability to export documents into epub format.  
  • –Reliability: I have never lost a document on Pages because of a program stall or crash – not one in 3 years! Now, with Apple’s Mountain Lion, Pages are backed up to the cloud for even more security. (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Numbers).
  • –Exporting: You can export a Pages document as a PDF, Microsoft Word doc, Rich Text Format, Plain Text, or epub document. Unfortunately, Microsoft won’t return the favor to export a Word document into pages.

Notepad by Apple

Sometimes simple is better – as it is with Apple’s Notepad. I love it’s clean, simple design. But most of all, I love how I can make a note on my iPad, and it automatically syncs with the notepad on my MacBook Pro. While I do use it for writing (I started You Versus The World on it), it’s especially convenient for note taking, writing down phone numbers, and To Do lists. Exporting to email or to iCloud are just added bonuses!


OmmWriter by Herraizsoto & Co.

Last, but certainly not least, OmmWriter NanaII is as uncluttered as writing gets. But, don’t mistake it’s simplicity for being boring. OmmWriter includes four different kinds of font, eight different backgrounds, seven different soundtracks, and seven different keyboard typing effects. The biggest benefit to me is that Ommwriter takes over the entire screen which makes checking Facebook, Twitter, etc. difficult. Fewer distractions = more productivity. When it comes to being productive in writing, you won’t beat OmmWriter Nana II.


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